Promoting a new way of thinking! Heather Thurlby launches a female only directory to support and promote female owned and run businesses in the construction and trades.

Heathers inspiration for this one of a kind UK directory came from a her own personal experience of working within the construction and trade industry, specifically in the heating and engineering sector. But it was born during an unexpected training course she did. She was asked to create a business idea and plan and this is where her journey started.

She realised that what she had been acutely aware of; which is a lack of voice, support and platform for women in trades to shout about their businesses, was something that could become a real thing, she just needed, funds, help, a lot of juggling with her day job and kids and not to mention a bucket load of determination and by January 2021 her idea became reality. was born.

What is FemaleTradesperson directory website?

It is an online directory dedicated for women working in trade and construction industry around the UK. The directory will promote their business and raise their visibility, but it also provides consumers greater choice to search for a qualified and professional tradeswomen for their commercial or domestic work.

What makes this directory different?

There are plenty of other business directories out there, however, Heather has been acutely aware of the ongoing lack of visible online national presence for women in trade and related industries and wanted to find a way to help support a shift in this trend.

But what really makes it different is the carefully chosen resource partners that are available to all members of the directory. These partners provide so much more value and benefits to every member. Heather has selected businesses and organisations, who not only believe in the ethos and vision of FemaleTradesperson, but can offer invaluable services, products and information to her members to support their business in being the best it can be. She has H&S advisory companies, health and well being providers, such as osteopaths, mental health information, accountants, and legal firms, among many others. Every partner is there to provide key and often necessary support, whether that is for their personal health or the operational side of running the business.

Why is it needed?

Not only will the website promote and support women in this industry, it is also hoped it will be used to encourage and inspire girls at school who are deciding on their career options.

Heather says: “If girls are at school thinking: ‘Could I? Should I? when looking at working in trades as a career – I would send them a resounding ‘yes’. Be focused, work hard, be consistent and persistent and you can achieve whatever you want within the trades and construction industry. This could be working for a multinational or running your own business either on your own or with a team.

She continues “ I hope that our directory will not only encourage women in the industry by providing a platform they can trust and rely on, but it will also create a shift within the industry which will ultimately help future generations of girls to choose roles that used to be traditionally male.”

How can people get involved?

· If you are a woman in construction or a trade, Heather would love to promote your business on the FemaleTradesperson directory.

· If you are looking for a female tradesperson such as an electrician, architect, building surveyor or plumber, then please search around the

· If you would like to support FemaleTradesperson or helping Heather to Promoting a new way of thinking in the industry then please contact the FTP team on: