COMMUNITY Development Partnerships is a brand-new consortium – led by national independent property, construction and infrastructure consultancy Pick Everard – that has gained supplier status on Pagabo’s new national developer-led framework, worth an estimated £47 billion.

The Pick Everard-led consortium comprises Watkin Jones PLC, Charles Street Buildings (Leicester) Ltd, Trebor Developments LLP, APB (Leicester) LLP, Sowden Group Ltd, and Venture Properties Group Ltd.

Acting on behalf of Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, the Pagabo framework will cover a range of developer-led schemes within the construction industry and is open to all public sector bodies including schools, universities, local authorities, police and emergency services, NHS organisations, health and social care providers and housing associations, as well as central government departments and the Ministry of Defence.

Pagabo’s framework – which will run for five and a half years – features nine lots covering three contract structures: Property Development via Joint Venture and Special Purpose Vehicle, Long Income Lease and Lease Back, and Property Development Single Site by Development Agreement.

The awards will see Community Development Partnerships working with public sector organisations to offer developer management services – providing them with expertise, creative and viable development solutions, private sector investment and development delivery.

Appointments cover single site development agreements valued up to £40m across the North East, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands and South West, as well as agreements valued at more than £40m in these regions, and London, the East of England and the South West.

As well as this, the Pick Everard-led consortium has been selected on a direct award basis to cover projects valued between £20m and £40m across the Midlands, delivered through either special purpose vehicles or joint ventures; to cover long lease income and lease back schemes valued up to £40m in the South West, and between £40m and £100m in the Midlands, London and the South and the South West. Alastair Hamilton, partner at Pick Everard and executive lead for Community Development Partnerships, said: “Use of frameworks is central to a lot of our work at Pick Everard, so with this in mind we are really thrilled to be announcing the appointment of Community Development Partnerships to a number of lots and regions on Pagabo’s newest framework.

“Procuring and delivering value for the public sector in particular is set to be incredibly important as we look to the future, and both this framework and our consortium are ideally placed to support the public sector in realising its aspirations for regeneration and inward investment. Together, they will be pivotal in helping public sector bodies unlock and realise the enhanced asset value across their property and land portfolios.

“Our combined track record of working together to deliver success on projects in a range of sectors, and in creating social value and a sustainable built environment, the group of

partners will maximise Community Development Partnerships’ ability to services the requirements of clients via this unique framework – bringing together the best in the market to deliver the best for clients.” Jason Stapley, managing director at Pagabo, said: “With all our frameworks we aim to simplify the whole procurement process, ensure flexibility and provider greater choice for clients, all packaged up with OJEU compliance – our developer-led framework is no different in that respect. It will allow developers the ability to procure works through a compliant and simple to use framework and help the public sector with vital expansion plans, creating an overall more robust sector.

“We’ve been absolutely blown away by the response we’ve had in this tender process and are really pleased to be bringing a unique procurement offering to market with such a strong set of companies.”

The consortium secured a place on the framework following a rigorous OJEU compliant tender process, covering relevant experience and financial suitability, as well as dedication to delivering social value and implementing the use of technology.

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