INOVYN is supplying specialty PVC to Altro, a flooring manufacturer, who use it in their ‘XpressLay’ range.  The flooring was recently used to convert a leisure facility into a mass vaccination centre in Glasgow.

Jose-Luis Roman, Business Manager Specialty Vinyls for INOVYN, said: “INOVYN is delighted that our products continue to support essential projects in the fight against COVID-19.”

INOVYN products find use in almost every aspect of modern society, supplying raw materials for a wide range of essential applications including construction, healthcare and medical.  This includes PVC for blood bags, medical equipment and personal protective equipment used during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the construction of medical facilities themselves.  INOVYN PVC is strong, durable and also offers best value for money.

Paul Kitson, Altro Procurement Manager, said: “Altro XpressLay requires a unique formulation for a quick fit without compromising on performance or durability.  Using Altro adhesive-free floors, installation time is halved compared with a traditional installation.  Additionally, these floors can be removed easily, reused and are 100% recyclable at the end of life.”

This latest initiative from INOVYN follows its partnership with the Michel Cremer Foundation in May 2020 to help supply PVC face shields for front-line health workers in hospitals across Europe

INOVYN’s parent company INEOS supplies almost 300 different products that are used in the production of drugs, testing kits, ventilators and protective clothing.NOVYN PVC USED UK COVID-19 VACCINE CENTRES1Hide message history