Forming an integral part of Northolt’s remarkable regeneration, is Network Homes’, Rectory Park. Now in its final stages, this versatile development was thoughtfully designed and built alongside a verdant park, new Community Centre and a thriving, local resident-planted fruit orchard. Following the success of the scheme, all one- and three-bedroom apartments and houses at Rectory Park are now sold, with only a handful of two-bedroom Shared Ownership apartments remaining.

Shared Ownership Sales Director, CourtneyReigh Gannon has worked on the site from conception to completion; leading sales and delivering quality service to prospective buyers and residents. CourtneyReigh looks back at her time at Rectory Park, and how the site has changed since it first launched:

“I’ve been a regional sales manager in new homes for eight years now. There were a number of reasons I got into Sales, but it was primarily because I’m a people person, and the level of interaction you get in this line of work suited my personality perfectly.” She continues: “The other reason is because you become such an important part of someone’s home-ownership journey. You walk them through every step of the process, helping to relieve some of the burden that can be associated with purchasing a home; from offering advice about their sales progression and solicitors, to showing them their new home for the first time.  It’s a great feeling.”

When asked what she likes best about Rectory Park, Courtney-Reigh explains: “The development itself has changed greatly since I’ve been here. Before the original site was demolished, the area was fairly dark and unwelcoming, whereas everything is lighter, and more open now. Investment has been poured into improving the surrounding area; so, Rectory Park now benefits from a beautiful green park adjacent to the development, an on-site orchard, a pond, and a five aside football pitch. Given the area was relatively barren before, witnessing everyone outside making use of the space is amazing.”

“The USP’s for our buyers are varied. The Shared Ownership aspect is important, as it has opened up the market to a range of purchasers from different backgrounds. The specification is another key selling point for our buyers; everything is really high-quality, which is often unusual for a first home. And the proximity to public transport, main roads and green space are also just some of the reasons this development has been so popular. The sense of convenience here is unbeatable.”

Rectory Park reaches a large audience; offering a superb collection of homes, from apartments to houses. Courtney-Reigh expands on this: “The scheme enjoys a broad demographic, from people in their mid to late 20’s taking those first important steps onto the property ladder, all the way up to buyers in their 60’s and 70’s looking to downsize. I think that’s a testament to product mix here. We also have lots of key workers; including doctors, nurses and teachers due the proximity to the hospital and vast number of schools nearby.”

Courtney-Reigh finalises her thoughts: “Rectory Park feels so familiar to me now. Before Network Homes rejuvenated the area, I had family that lived here. Watching the site grow into something so successful has been an absolute pleasure. We expect the site to be filled by June, and I’ll definitely be sad to see it go.”

Kalumba Musambachime, Head of Sales and Built to Rent comments: “Only a few homes remain at Rectory Park, which proves just how popular the scheme has been over the years. We urge interested buyers to book a virtual or physical viewing before the final homes are snapped up.”