Optilan, the leading security and communications company for the energy, infrastructure, pipeline, and
rail sectors, has been appointed by Limak to deliver communications and security systems on the Jubail

  • Riyadh Water Transmission System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Optilan has been selected by Limak, the Principal Contractor for the state-run Saline Water Conversion
    Corporation (SWCC), which owns the water transmission system. Upon completion, it will be one of the
    largest water transmission systems in the world.
    Optilan will support Limak in delivering this project by providing the necessary security and
    communications systems, which will ensure the safe and efficient operation of the water system.
    Optilan will define the basic layout, design and construction requirements and guarantee performance,
    by providing key leak detection systems so that the two 88” pipes will be able to transport 1.2 million
    m³ of potable water per day, once implemented. Optilan will leverage its expertise in Critical National
    Infrastructure and precisely list the required key equipment, including the main data, and the necessary
    functions for the 412 km long twin pipeline. Optilan will also provide Limak with a further range of
    services including:
    ● Design, documentation
    ● Project Management
    ● Procurement
    ● Building Cabinets
    ● LAN and WAN networks
    ● FAT
    ● Leak detection systems
    ● Third-party intrusion detection
    ● Testing and Commissioning at site

    This is the latest in a series of international project wins for Optilan as it gears up for another year of
    strategic growth. In the last year, Optilan, which is backed by private equity firm Bluewater, has secured
    contracts within critical infrastructure, rail, and renewables sectors that span from the UK, Europe,
    Middle East, and Asia. Optilan has been appointed by Limak on the basis of its proven expertise and its
    successful track record of delivering high profile critical infrastructure projects, globally.
    Bill Bayliss, CEO of Optilan, says: “We’re delighted to announce we’ll be supporting Limak on the
    state-owned Jubail – Riyadh Water Transmission System. As we ramp up for another year of growth,
    we’re committed to demonstrating our communications security Critical National Infrastructure
    expertise globally.”
    “We’re proud that our strong success record led Limak to appoint Optilan for, what will be, one of the
    world’s largest water systems. With this project in our portfolio of work, we’re on track to successfully
    achieve our key strategic aims, and continue on with our global expansion.”