Wienerberger, a leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, has launched the market’s first complete product specification package for the external envelope, all available from one source and covered under one 15-year guarantee.

The HomeSpec solution includes every item that a housebuilder requires to complete a high-quality building envelope, ranging from the internal and external walls to the roof, as well as any accessories or specialist bricks necessary for the project.

Being available together in one package means that designers, builders and developers can rest assured that every element of the building envelope has been manufactured to the same high standard and that all components used will be compatible with each other. In addition, Wienerberger will provide the expert training, advice and onsite support and sign-offs necessary to achieve the high standard of construction required to provide the 15-year HomeSpec guarantee.

By purchasing all items together as a complete package, house builders will also benefit from a single point of contact for all communication and queries relating to the building envelope. After the house has been finished, the building’s owner will receive a certificate verifying everything they need to know about the envelope, including the exacting standards it’s been built to, the guarantee it’s under and that it’s all managed through one supplier.

As well as HomeSpec providing peace of mind regarding products and services, projects that source external envelope solutions in this way will also benefit from assured supply, ensuring that materials are available exactly when and where they are needed.

One of the key solutions included within the HomeSpec range is Wienerberger’s Porotherm innovation. This cellular clay block walling system delivers a versatile and high-performance alternative to traditional masonry which can be rapidly installed and when complete is exceptionally durable and able to boost thermal efficiency levels. Porotherm is also highly sustainable, as it uses up to 95% less water during construction than traditional materials. Thanks to HomeSpec, Porotherm can be easily combined with all the other solutions required for a high-end external envelope.

John Harris, Head of Sales – Housing at Wienerberger, said: “A building’s external envelope needs to meet a long list of challenges and demands, as it has to provide a weathertight, airtight seal that aids energy efficiency while also being sustainable, easy to apply and long lasting.

“This is why we’ve developed HomeSpec, as it allows housebuilders to know that each and every element of the external envelope meets the very highest standards of construction. We’ve achieved this not just by pooling together a number of leading products, but by making it simple for builders to access the help, support, training, advice and guarantees necessary to create a high-end home every time.”

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