CALA Homes has moved up another gear in its commitment to reaching operational net zero carbon through its Sustainability Strategy, with the roll-out of the CALA Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) Scheme for all employees.

The homebuilder has committed to expanding its green ambitions across all facets of the business, not just in the way they build homes and the suppliers and materials they use, but by also empowering staff to play their own part in the business’ carbon reduction.

Having set the goal of building homes that are operationally net zero carbon by 2030, and reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions in line with both the Scottish and UK government targets, CALA’s ULEV Scheme is a further example of how the business is showing its commitment to fighting climate change.

The CALA ULEV Scheme, in partnership with car benefit company, Tusker, will see employees make significant savings on a brand new electric or Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle, by swapping some of their gross salary before tax and National Insurance contributions for the car. Therefore, those joining the scheme will save on income tax and National Insurance, with maximum savings on electric vehicles as they attract just one per cent Benefit in Kind tax this tax year. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles also benefit from very favourable rates.

CALA has gone one step further to really squeeze the costs to employees. With greener vehicles having been seen as more of a luxury in the past due to their higher price tag when compared to fossil fuel alternatives, the homebuilder is fully committed to making ULEVs much more accessible for its team. The saving CALA will make through not paying its employers National Insurance contributions, will be passed straight on to the team as savings on individual’s monthly amounts, further lowering the cost of driving an electric or low emission vehicle for employees.

Power supply for electric car charging. Electric car charging station.

With over 1,200 employees eligible for the scheme, it’s hoped that CALA’s partnership with Tusker will enable the team to go that extra mile in reducing their carbon emissions, by encouraging a cost-effective move to greener alternatives.

Louise Poole, CALA Group People Director, said: “We are delighted to be able to support our employees to gain access to low emissions vehicles. CALA is committed to playing our part in the fight against climate change – not just in the way we build our homes, but in the way we run the company by empowering our team to play their own part in our sustainability journey.

“The new CALA ULEV Scheme will bring with it a great new benefit to the team, allowing them to make a cost effective switch to greener vehicles, but also ensure that CALA is doing the right thing by helping to decarbonise our business and our planet.”

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