Celebrating 25 years in the delivery of exceptional bespoke architectural and interior design, as well as construction and project management of luxury real estate projects throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, the United States and the Caribbean, whilst winning more International Awards than most developers, Paul Rothschild, the original founder of PLDD Platinum Luxury Design Development and Leon Kalkwarf, PLDD’s lead architect, both give an insight to the secret of their success.

PLDD, an internationally acclaimed multi-award winning architectural, interior design, real estate development and investment company, picked up nine prestigious luxury real estate industry awards in 2020/2021 for architectural, interior design and development excellence, details of which are listed below. Over the years, PLDD has developed its own internal multi-faceted team specialising in the acquisition and development of luxury real estate covering all aspects of architectural, interior & landscaping design, development management & real estate investment.

Paul Rothschild, said, “When PLDD was first created, the initial projects were pure trading deals focusing on buying land, gaining planning permission and selling it on. The business then moved into small development projects including the renovation and conversion of protected listed buildings, then later progressing into the development of small apartment buildings and mixed-use schemes. 

“It was around 2001 / 2002 when we decided to focus purely on the design, project management and development of high-end luxury including residential apartments, private estates, villas, ski chalets and exclusive boutique hotels.  At the same time Leon came on board and the combination of our expertise and experience, became the key factor that contributed to both the exponential growth and exceptional success of PLDD.”

Leon Kalkwarf had only just set up Kalkwarf Architects in 2001, the same year that he started working with Paul where he quickly became an integral part of the PLDD team. Leon said, “I think one of the key drivers that brought us together is the way we analyse any potential project.  We start by identifying the key issues and opportunities, and together we formulate creative solutions that address all the key points very quickly.

“We both have extremely open analytical and creative minds which allows great ideas to flow freely between us. Once we have settled on a design concept, we are able to turn the creative process into reality.  One of our key successes is that we both share the opinion that completing and finalising all the details as early as possible is vital to turning a great concept into a great project.”

“We have worked together for just over 20 years, and I think the level of trust and mutual respect we have for each other has allowed our relationship to survive and thrive for so long.  We have always worked with honesty, respect and total openness.  I think it has also become easier over time as we have learned to arrive at solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

PLDD Award winning and nominated projects have included:

* The Penthouses – St George Wharf – London – United Kingdom,

* Chalet Zermatt Peak – Zermatt – Switzerland,

* The Penthouse – Burj Khalifa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates,

*  Boutique Development – St. James Park – London – United Kingdom,

*  The World Football Hall of Fame – Dubai – United Arab Emirates,

* The Penthouse – One Ocean – Paradise Island – The Bahamas,

* Grace Bay Estates – Grace Bay – Providenciales – Turks & Caicos Islands,

Leon added, “The defining factor behind PLDD’s success has been the exceptional attention to detail combined with original thought and well-honed design process.  These factors have produced outstanding projects and results.  We have an extensive knowledge of current market and design trends combined with an intimate understanding of the end-users requirements.  This means that we are able to not only predict and design lead our projects, but also be design leaders and set future trends.  We push the boundaries of design and constantly question the essence of luxury.

“Our delivery process is also quite unique in that we fully design everything to the minutest detail before any project starts on site.  This has the knock-on effect of transferring good design on paper to excellently executed projects, without the need for costly changes to a project during the construction process, we pride ourselves on always delivering projects within the pre-set timeline and budget.”

Another key factor has been PLDD´s growth in the specialist niche market of high-end luxury real estate with bespoke design, PLDD has always kept a consideration to the environment within and around its development projects central to its business ethos.

Paul Rothschild highlighted four major drivers behind this.  He said, “Whether we are developing prime property in locations worldwide or undertaking the restoration of a protected listed building in the centre of a major city, we always try and source local raw materials and where possible, we have manufactured as much of the bespoke products locally. This reduces the overall shipping of materials and transportation, which in turn minimises the overall carbon footprint of each project.

“We have always made it our mission to maximise the use of locally skilled labour where possible and to contribute back into the local community, especially when working in remote locations such as The Caribbean or The Middle East.

“Another major driver has always been to search for the latest technology solutions in the areas of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply, electricity, gas, solar, geothermal, smart home technology & control systems, so that we can minimise energy usage, maximise energy creation and store energy in an efficient and as an effective way as possible to minimise the use of fossil fuels and costs whilst creating self-sufficient homes.

“Buyers and investors now require superior luxury quality, striking a balance between ethical building practices and sustainability, with increased investment in interior and exterior design, bespoke fittings and finer attention to detail in order to maximise the potential value of their property and living space.”

In summary, Paul Rothschild said, “We will continue to work together to develop pioneering partnerships across the luxury home build service sector, from architecture, interior design, integrated technology, furnishing and financial services whilst continuing to develop and build on these relationships, through 2021 and beyond.”