The leading Birmingham-based engineering firm, adi Group, has been named Large Business of the Year in the annual West Midlands Business Masters Awards.

It’s the second award win in as many months for adi Group, following its victory at the Insider Made in the Midlands awards 2021 ceremony, where it was honoured with the Manufacturing Apprenticeship/Training Scheme accolade.

The multi-disciplined firm was presented with its latest honour at the Macdonald Burlington in Birmingham. The West Midlands Business Awards celebrates the region’s best companies, recognising outstanding performers and significant contributors to the local area.

The latest victory for the multi-disciplined firm comes after a challenging year for the manufacturing sector. At the height of the pandemic, adi Group delivered vital engineering support, working with the food and beverage sector, as well as the fuel distribution network to meet unforeseen demand.

In assisting clients to reduce carbon footprints, adi introduced sustainability solutions to drive down emissions. And, while firms across the regions were reducing staff numbers, the business was able to not only retain, but increase its workforce.

It is these endeavours that have seen the organisation recognised as the standout large business in the region. “It’s an honour to have received acknowledgment for our efforts after an especially hard period for the sectors we work within”, said adi CEO Alan Lusty, who founded the company over 30 years ago.

“The past year has reinforced our commitment to adi’s founding values. It has hardened our belief in the quality of our staff, who were able to adapt to rapidly changing client needs. We achieved this while continuing to contribute locally. We are proud to have our Head office and a number of our manufacturing facilities in the West Midlands, and this has been the case for over three decades.”

Sustainability is an increasing focus for the adi Group, and the two awards were accompanied by a nomination for sustainability practices.

Last June, adi introduced its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) operational and funding model, an electricity generation process, allied to funding that gives the client a Capex (capital expenditure) free solution. 

The UK Government has backed the CHP approach. It estimates a carbon emissions reduction of around 30% and operators are said to typically save around 20% on energy bills. “We understand the importance to the industry and to our clients of moderating CO2 production.Becoming a responsible, sustainable business has been – and continues to be – an adi Group priority. Our drive to futureproof the industry is ingrained into our objectives.”

In addition to sustainability commitments, adi maintained its self-funded apprenticeship schemes, providing critical career support to the region’s young. At a time when many firms discarded such schemes, adi group remained dedicated to the communities’ next-generation workforce.

James Sopwith, the company’s Group Strategic Account Director, outlined these twin responsibilities: “We feel we have a duty to both our industry and our community. Sustainability goes beyond the importance of carbon footprints. It also means ensuring the region remains economically robust. To do that, we invest considerable time and resources into local young people.”

“Building a sustainable community and a sustainable industry requires a systematic process. Our model introduces the young to the industry while continuing their formal education. We can show them a roadmap into a forward-thinking and exciting sector, one that aligns with their career ambitions.”

“This chimes without carbon reduction targets – tomorrow’s workforce will be much more demanding of their employers regarding environmental sustainability. Being recognised with rewards and nominations underlines the practices integral to our company culture. We are privileged to be selected as the West Midland’s Best Large Business.”