Just like you prepare for the big annual Christmas shop, a strong social media strategy should be on your Christmas list too! We all know how quick the time goes by during the festive period, so now is the perfect time to get your social media strategy in place for the new year.


In a world with more competition, content and networks than ever, a concise strategy that realigns your goals allows your business to focus on what it actually needs.

If done correctly, a social media strategy can be your best friend. It can guide your actions and let you know whether you’re succeeding or failing – the more specific you make it, the more effective it will be.

Put as simply as possible, a social media strategy is a plan outlining your social media goals, the way you plan to achieve them and the metrics you’ll use to measure the progress along the way.

The first thing you want to make sure is that the goals you set make sense for your own business. A big successful company might share their top tips for their strategy, but it doesn’t mean you should go and copy it.

What works for one might not work for another and the last thing you want to do is put your time, energy and money into a pointless plan.

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Whether you want to build a larger following or better engagement for your digital marketing strategy, making the effort to define your social media objectives is step number one in reaching them.

Most importantly, the social media strategy you set must be realistic. Overcoming smaller tasks at the beginning creates motivation and momentum to achieve more, in a way that’s both rational and affordable.

Universal goals for businesses can include generating leads and sales, growing your brand audience, and driving traffic to your site.

Anyone of these can be used by your company, just keep in mind that your social media strategy should be simple rather than complicated and having too many goals in the early days could be distracting.

Another big mistake often made when creating a social media strategy is marketers not doing their homework. Different platforms attract different audiences and ensuring your social media content is catered to each one of these is vital in reaching your goals.


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A lot of what you need to know about your audience is already available, you just need to know where to look. Taking the time to look at your social media demographics can massively help you on this journey, these statistics speak directly to which networks your brand should approach and even more specifically, what types of content to publish.

There’s no doubt that data-driven goals are the most successful, this should always be your starting point as a business. It means focusing on your social media metrics and finding out what works best for your company – including your reach (how much of your content actually reaches people’s feeds), number of clicks on your content, and hashtag performance.

These obviously, are all dependent on the quality of your social media content. Creating engaging content and sticking to a content theme is vital for a successful social media strategy.

Many brands rely on the same content formats and add creative touches time and again, using themes can help you become more consistent and create a content social media strategy that actually makes sense.

Incorporating Instagram stories, short videos and posts that show your audience you’re actually human are some of the best ways you can make your social media more impressionable.

Stories are especially welcomed by audiences because of all the behind-the-scenes action they are exposed to – by making your social media more personal users are more likely to engage and remember your company.

This links to time-sensitivity, ensuring that you have fresh, new content for your users is vital to keep an audience occupied – nobody wants to read old news. As well as publishing at a time that works best for customer engagement, ensure that your company are available to interact back too.

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It might be recommended that a company should post late at night because everyone is endlessly scrolling on their phones, but are you there to respond to them if they interact with the business?

One thing customers want from a business is a quick response, if you’re not there to answer their queries or concerns then it could result in a loss of business and therefore a waste of the company’s time. Just to back this up, 47% of customers believe that strong customer service is what defines a top brand.

After reading this, you may have a better understanding on how to conduct your social media strategy. However, we live in a constantly changing society and your strategy may need to adapt to this throughout the year.

If you’re not analysing your work, you’ll never know how you can improve it and improve your business even further. Looking over your measurable results easily helps you see what went well and what didn’t and therefore tell you what you need to adjust in terms of your strategy.


Building a social media strategy shouldn’t be overwhelming, the best thing about it all is that you can start as small as you’d like – and it’s probably best that way too!

If you set reasonable and affordable goals in the baby steps of your social media strategy, and follow the tips above, you’re more than ready to get your businesses social media presence up and running!

Most importantly remember, a lot of social media is trial and error, so have fun!

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