As part of the planning agreement for its latest Oxfordshire development, David Wilson Homes is set to invest over £3,000,000 in the community.

Street Scene 1 – Plots 136-138 – A computer-generated street scene of

David Wilson Homes’ new development in Benson, South Oxfordshire.

The new 240-home development, located on Watlington Road in Benson, will bring investment into the village as part of the planning agreement and will be used to support services and improve facilities for both new and existing residents.

Work is already underway to construct the section of the Benson relief road that passes through development which, when connected to other developments to the west, will relieve traffic from the historic village centre.

The £3,284,348 contribution will be used to improve infrastructure in South Oxfordshire, with over £820,000 going directly to the Parish Council to be spent on infrastructure in Benson.

In addition, an S106 agreement secures a contribution of £240,000 for public transport improvements as well as funding the ongoing maintenance of public open space, which is to be transferred to the Parish Council.

Included within the 240 properties being built at the development is 96 affordable properties for the benefit of local property seekers.

Campbell Gregg, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes Southern, said: “Investing in local communities is an extremely important part of building a new housing development. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the local community and strive to support it wherever we can.

“We’re thrilled to be building in Benson and, as our development progresses, we will not only be contributing to the area financially, but the construction process will underpin new jobs for the local area.”

The developer’s community, named Chiltern Grange, is set to launch in the spring and residents will have the best of both worlds with amenities close by in a countryside setting.