Greggs ’partnership sees transformation of fashion giant Primark’s flagship branch in Birmingham

Commercial outfitter Novograf has teamed up with Greggs to deliver a unique café experience in the world’s largest Primark in Birmingham.

‘Tasty by Greggs’ was opened to the public on Saturday (12th February) at 8am, with Novograf aiding in the creation of the elevated café using unparalleled interior and exterior design.

The Glasgow-based manufacturer, in collaboration with Phillip Watt Design and Drummonds, has brought Greggs’ vision to life at the cohesive 130-seater café, including a showstopping sugar-strand doughnut swing that is perfect for Instagram reels. 

Ross Campbell, Digital Business Development Manager at Novograf, said: “This is the first of its kind Greggs experiential café, which takes into account the latest commercial design trends and the new-age customer journey. We are excited to be stepping to the forefront of innovative design and providing an all-immersive, omnichannel customer experience.”

The ‘Tasty by Greggs’ café experience starts at the entrance. Located at the mezzanine level of Birmingham’s Primark store, an escalator and a lift covered in Novograf-designed graphics lead to the Greggs café. There, a range of Greggs favourites, such as sausage rolls and sweet treats, will welcome visitors, who can then shop the Greggs-themed exclusive Primark collection. The large-scale Greggs café is unlike any other store as it features a picnic area, a refillable water station, and a self-serve coffee cart offering freshly brewed hot drinks for those who wish to skip the queue. Yet Greggs’ identity and products are still underpinning the café’s design.

Novograf’s custom solutions can be seen in the café’s internal and exterior graphics, flooring, and surfaces. The company handled the installation of the graphics within the café too, including the full-length images used on the lifts and escalators.

Campbell added: “The partnership between Brits’ most favoured companies, Greggs and Primark, shows that the customers’ needs and interests are taken at heart. That’s evident in the design too.”

Ross Campbell added: “The collaboration between Greggs, Primark, and Novograf is a precedent in history that is sure to be welcomed warmly by customers. A unique Greggs experience fused with innovative design and an exclusive clothing range – that’s the future of the ultimate customer experience.”