BAM PPP, the global infrastructure investor, is changing its company name to Invesis, reflecting its change in ownership and the broadening of its interests towards digital infrastructure, energy transition and new markets.

8 MARCH 2022 – BAM PPP, the global experts and investors in infrastructure, today announced it is changing its name to Invesis.

The new name and rebrand reflects a change in ambition and direction for the business, which is diversifying to address the future needs of digital infrastructure and energy transition as it pursues its mission to transform lives through sustainable infrastructure.

Invesis remains fully committed to PPP (P3) civil and social infrastructure projects in all of its markets, but recognises that the global needs for infrastructure are changing at a pace.

Unveiling the new brand identity, Chief Executive Kieron Meade, said: “The infrastructure needs of the world are changing. There is an explosion in demand for digital infrastructure to meet the exponential growth in data driven by the internet of things, 5G, virtual reality and AI. There is an urgent and pressing need to invest in the transition from an economy dependent on fossil fuels to a net zero future based on renewable energy. 

“We have to provide infrastructure for communities to become more resilient and to safeguard our coasts and cities from the impact of climate change. Invesis is ready to support our clients and partners in delivering the infrastructure required to meet these huge challenges and provide a sustainable future for the communities we serve.”

Following the 2021 change in the company’s ownership structure – which saw pension fund manager and global investor PGGM own a 50% stake – the company has become an independent and autonomous infrastructure investor and developer with two equal shareholders.

With this change, Invesis is moving into new markets, including North America and Australia, where it is currently a partner on the Cross River Rail project in Brisbane, Australia.

In North America, Invesis will focus on greenfield P3 opportunities where the business can use its European experience and the expertise of its 100 expert staff to bring significant value to each project. Invesis recently appointed a senior advisor to focus on the promotion of the brand in this market.

Invesis will continue to be a trusted partner to its clients and the communities it serves. The company is proud of its strong history as BAM PPP and its portfolio of PPP (P3) projects. The team is committed to remain high quality stewards of the vital infrastructure they oversee.

With its new brand and direction, Invesis seeks to provide a lasting legacy for future generations. The company will continue to provide clarity, certainty and confidence on every project, so that clients and partners can exceed expectations, deliver value and create a better future for all.