Growing a successful social media presence may seem often seem like a pie-in-the-sky goal for many marketers out there who are looking at it like it is something of a dream to work out. However, like many other aspects of digital marketing, once enough practice and dedication is placed into understanding social media, the sooner you come to understand some of its sacred practices that more or less guarantee one’s success when navigating its hallowed halls.

For all the confusion about social media and its varying parts, the outcome of mastering the platforms is worth it more than anything else, because the platforms that you come to master will be home to hundreds of millions of potential customers – more depending on the potential reach of your brand, around 40% of the world is on social media, after all!

Not only does the potential audience base make the eyes water just to think about, social media is magical in its ability to promote your brand to the stars and back in a way that would never have been possible before.

With this in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to share the love from us digital marketers to you, the hard working business owner who needs to understand how to promote their brand on socials, and to navigate the weird world of social media. Below are 3 tips to your brand’s social media success and digital marketing as a whole.

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Forming and sticking to a social media strategy

Social media may seem like an informal, hands-off place to be for brands and users alike, but don’t let that lull you into thinking that it’s a place where you can make it up as you go along without a plan in place. Just like anywhere else in marketing, taking your best step forward with a solid plan will allow you to work in the best way possible.

This is because you will know where you are in every step of your digital marketing path and it will allow you to align with other members of your digital marketing team to understand where you are at and what the next steps should be that you should make and when.

The plan itself should be planned out, so you know what exactly what the deal is with the marketing of your brand, this includes the target audience and how you want to approach them as a brand. This will allow you to create and enforce a tone of voice that can stay consistent throughout your other digital marketing efforts.

Additionally, it will allow you to understand more about your brand, such as what exactly you want out of social media marketing. Is it brand recognition? Audience engagement? Building a larger following or creating a more active community?

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Growing your brand’s audience means inviting and enticing new followers onto your platform page, through doing this you can then monitor more closely what it is that people within your target market are talking about and wanting from your realm of the market so you can tap into their needs and wants through your own products and services – if relevant.

Community engagement is all about experimenting with the element of the social media platforms, such as messaging and content marketing. How can you best engage with the people that you serve? Will you meet your customers (existing or otherwise) in your DMs or will you point them to a live web chat function for a more hands off approach? Neither is right or wrong – again, it’s just about what suits your brand the best.

Contrastingly, if you’re at a point in your digital marketing where your focus is mainly about driving traffic to your site, then social media might also be the best place for this. Promotional posts, social ads, and more are all ways of upping conversions and boosting revenue.

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Serve your customers, not yourself

Social media platforms like Instagram may be the perfect place for the common-day narcissist to pose, pout and post about themselves all day long – and it may work might fine! – but when it comes to your digital marketing strategy do not follow suit! Where daily users may use these platforms for ostensibly self-serving uses, you and your brand must (at least appear to) being a force for good, promoting your goods and services that aid people. Remember, thousands of these social media users are going to be looking for a product or service like yours, so do them a favour and make it easier for them to find you!

When it comes to your social media marketing in this instance, you want to limit the ‘horn-tooting’ to as little as possible, and instead focus on making it clear what it is you provide to users. This includes not talking about oneself too much in a self-centred way, and instead providing high-quality, valuable content that engages and intrigues your audience.

Similarly, keep your audience involved and informed in any trends, and keep them updated with tips and info that they might be interested in. Posting about yourself and your success and your story can lead to you looking self-absorbed and not as interested in serving your customer and instead more talking about yourself.

Thinking you might not have the time or money to dedicate yourself to your website any more than you already have? Get in touch with Framework Marketing and speak to us about our SEO, email marketing, and website services.

Social media influencers

Social media has birthed a whole new breed of celebrity in the form of the social media influencer. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re a main stay of the social media landscape and are a valuable tool in achieving your varying social media goals. Their followers see them as a figure of authority in their given niche or realm, so do not hesitate to utilise their suprising wealth of power and influence, once you have the resources and relevant need to do so. Again, be mindful that influencers might not be the magic bullet that your social media marketing strategy needs, and it would be a great waste of resources to put them into a person that isn’t actually relevant to your brand, so think carefully before choosing this option.

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