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No good businessperson runs a company without a good plan, and it’s the same with digital marketing campaigns.

So that your construction company is present at every step, Framework Marketing provides a complete breakdown of our marketing structure, including budget and timeline goals and SWOT analyses.

Brand Awareness

Good brand awareness puts you at the top of your sector’s food chain because if you’re the first construction company that you’re target market knows to go to, you’ll have consistently high sales.

Your company’s name can be embedded into the minds of your target market with our digital marketing expertise so that you see consistent returns and a loyal customer base.

Website Design Agency

Your company website is a visual marketing platform for your customers to dive into the details of your construction company, but they won’t get far without the appropriate digital marketing tools to help them along the way.

In order to ensure that your construction website design will be fully integrated with suitable pathways and digital tools needed to ease visitors into becoming prospective customers, Framework Marketing will design a vibrant site to suit your construction company’s brand.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This still isn’t enough for us, though – because what good is a responsive, engaging and custom-designed website built to retain visitors and suit your client’s specific needs if it’s invisible on search engines?

Your construction company should stand boldly in the spotlight of search engines like Google, which is why our creative and technical wizards who design our websites do so with SEO in mind from day one using vital, brand-specific keywords and all the SEO best practices to optimise your website.

Email Marketing

Email remains a key digital marketing tool, as well as an opportunity for brands to maintain sales, engagement and brand awareness, and this is no different for your construction company.

In order to catch the attention of your audience and convert them into customers, you want personalised, effective email campaigns.

From pleasant welcome emails to discount offers, there are plenty of opportunities for your brand to build a relationship with your audience and encourage them to check out your construction-related services.

Content Creation

We’re living in the age of content, and construction companies are taking note. For a true connection with your audience you want your construction company’s brand to tell a story, to impart valuable, memorable thoughts, and share insights on the construction industry; all with the goal of driving customers to your site and increasing your ROI.

You can change the perception of your brand and boost your authority within the construction industry using the sort of clickable construction content that our creative team and their specialist knowledge of the construction industry can provide.

Pay per Click (PPC)

Digital marketing is all about keeping your brand relevant. One of the best-known ways of ensuring this for your construction company is through pay-per-click, or PPC advertising.

Your construction company’s name can be brought to the fore using our knowledge in relevant key terms and targeted audience analysis as well as the power of search engines and social media.

Social Media Management

If you’re aware of the importance that social media holds for your construction company, you probably also know how time consuming and stressful the business of managing your construction company’s brand on social media can be.

It can be disheartening when you don’t see immediate returns on your efforts, and if you don’t have a creative mind it’s difficult to think of the construction-related content needed to keep you relevant on social media platforms.

Don’t let this discourage you though; there are plenty of examples of construction companies that have seen their outsourced social media campaigns pay dividends; all it takes is relevant construction-focused content and consistent management.

If you don’t have the time to keep on top of your social media feeds, we can take this burden off your shoulders whilst you wait for the leads to come in.

Online Advertising

and Web Banners

If you want people to easily recognise your construction company and have an easy, clickable avenue for visitors to reach your website in order to buy what you’re selling, online adverts are the most simple, cost-effective method.

Our design team are experts at creating eye-catching banner adverts made to entice users into seeing what your construction company is all about.


Keeping on top of your business strategy is just as crucial three months later as it is on day one.

Whether it’s keeping up to date with any relevant trends, being clued up on potential clients or researching your competition in the construction industry, we can provide all the insights you need to improve the digital marketing arsenal of your construction company.


The brochure is one of the oldest tricks in the book for marketers. The reason for a physical brochure’s importance in a digital age is due to their ability to stand out in the minds of prospective buyers; they’re simply more memorable and persuasive than ever.

If you want to stand the test of time and stand out in the digital world, our design team can craft an attractive brochure for your construction company.

Press Release

For immediate, effective exposure of your construction company, you can have exclusive company-related content written by our inhouse team of content writers and journalists to our directory of national publications.