Global property developer Romal Capital has reinforced its commitment to Liverpool’s Central Docks by committing £100m to transform the derelict brownfield area to realise their vision of Sydney in Liverpool’s city centre. In their planning application to Liverpool City Council, Romal Capital will progress the work they completed on Quay Central & Park Central having built 237 residential apartments and commercial tenancies, delivered last year. 

The new £100m scheme includes 330 sustainable, ‘smart’ homes, retail space, other amenities and public realm, as well as investment in the surrounding infrastructure to help regenerate the waterfront. The project would also include a vitally important pedestrian link in the development of this dockside area, from the Three Graces landmark and Princes Dock to the proposed site of the Everton FC stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

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Greg Malouf, CEO of Romal Capital commented: “We are very excited about this scheme and it’s potential to transform this barren brownfield land into a thriving new waterfront neighbourhood. The combination of new smart homes, carefully selected retail and leisure outlets, and huge investment in new public realm will deliver a high-quality lifestyle for its residents. It will also ensure much needed world class connectivity, we see as an integral part of the wider Liverpool waters parkland pedestrian flow that is anticipated. We hope this scheme acts as both a major catalyst and benchmark for future development within the area.”

The residential component proposes a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments designed to attract occupiers ranging from professionals to young families, with the aim of creating a vibrant new neighbourhood within a tranquil waterfront setting. 

To reduce net carbon emissions from the scheme, each home will feature power usage monitoring and solar panels installed in common areas. Romal Capital also aims to encourage the use of electric cars, with up to 20 EV charging stations to cater for the government’s 2030 electrical vehicle initiative.  

The commercial units would seek to attract a range of occupiers including hairdressers, beauty salons, delicatessens with indoor / outdoor dining, bike rental and kayak store and other retail outlets that purely serves and benefits all residents. 

The proposed new public spaces include an active waterfront, marina floating pontoon, a suspended six-metre-wide cathedral-style bridge bordering the river canal for pedestrian and bike access, rooftop gardens and leisure space for alfresco dining. Substantial investment will be made in high quality and innovative public realm. A new cultural square will be used for market days, music and entertainment. The new public spaces are designed to lend themselves to hybrid living, working and learning environments in a post COVID-19 world. 

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The new neighbourhood, along with the regeneration of Central Docks and the wider Liverpool Waters area, will bring much needed economic growth and new job creation to the area, extending the prosperity of Liverpool City northwards. 

Greg Malouf added: “The economy of Liverpool, and in particular North Liverpool, needs to grow. The regeneration of this site and the entire waterfront will play an important part in delivering the much-needed growth. We have seen regeneration in other areas such as the Knowledge Quarter in the east and the Baltic Triangle just south of the city centre, and we now need activity that will expand the prosperity of Liverpool northwards.  New high-quality homes on this brownfield site means new jobs, greater investment and ultimately more people to enjoy this waterfront location.