As we enter the 20s again, Art Deco architecture seems to be having a renaissance across London with: the restoration of Battersea Power Station, the former US Embassy in Grosvenor Square and namely Northacre’s The Broadway development… 

The Broadway is London’s new living quarter steeped in iconic architecture in the heart of Westminster. The epitome of British innovative design and contemporary cool, six impressive towers are home to 258 exquisite apartments along with a pedestrianised new street lined with public art, cafes and retail with touches of greenery throughout.

At the forefront of the London Art Deco renaissance and inspired by neighbouring art deco buildings (such as the St James tube station, often dubbed the most beautiful station in London) and the distinctive lines of 1920’s jewellery, the striking facades of the six towers allude to a historic glamour and enhances the appeal. Arranged in pairs, each building features bold oversized windows and a specific colour palette to complement its distinctly different façade treatments. The light, medium or dark accent palettes are inspired by the diamonds that the buildings are named after – The Sancy, The Cullinan and The Paragon. 

The Broadway is also Northacre’s first foray into new build. Designed by acclaimed architects, Squire + Partners, The Broadway is one of the most iconic developments featuring diamond shaped floor to ceiling windows echoing the local Art Deco architecture and capturing some of the best views in the capital. Mood boards also reveal inspiration from the Chrysler building in New York, vintage fashion designs and luxury retail, all of which underpins the creative for the different façades, with a unique mix of materials including dark grey, sandstone, and white grit blasted finishes, and expanded mesh with shadow boxes resulting in an iconic design.

“The Broadway draws on the materiality and craft of the listed building, as well as pattern and repetition in Art Deco jewellery and fashion from the 1920’s. The Art Deco movement introduced symmetry, bold geometry and decorative elements to London’s architectural landscape – we have enjoyed creating a contemporary reference to this in the architecture of The Broadway.” – Michael Squire, Squire + Partners, Architect for The Broadway