WeMaintain, a fast-growing PropTech company based in Paris and London, has signed a three-year deal with Workspace for the provision of lift maintenance solutions to all its 56 sites across London.

Under the terms of the deal, which began on 1st April, WeMaintain will provide its solutions to Workspace properties throughout their London portfolio.It will also install its proprietary Internet of Things technology, which gives building owners and managers greater knowledge of the condition of their critical equipment and other assets in real time.

Since its launch in Paris three years ago, WeMaintain has been radically transforming the regulated lift and escalator maintenance market. It gives asset owners and operators an end-to-end solution for carrying out critical maintenance operations, providing rich data through its proprietary technology. WeMaintain’s business model has been praised by customers in Paris and London for giving asset owners access to real-time data not previously available to them. This allows them to make needed adjustments and repair equipment before it breaks down, thereby making their buildings more efficient and improving the occupant experience.

WeMaintain’s model sets it apart from other maintenance providers in that it gives engineers and those on the ground autonomy and sophisticated technology, so they can work towards creating the best possible customer experience. Importantly, engineers are incentivised to deliver on agreed customer KPIs, with performance bonuses paid monthly. This makes sure that the standard of maintenance remains high. This ‘pay-for-performance’ model gives customers confidence that engineers working on their assets are striving toward the same goals and ensures engagement for the duration of the contract.

Commenting on the agreement, Tom Harmsworth, UK Managing Director of WeMaintain, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with a company like Workspace and we look forward to bringing the highest standards of lift maintenance to their 56 sites across the capital. 

“Our IoT solution on these lifts will help Workspace better understand traffic flow through the buildings, where money on upgrades can be better spent and to start to predict faults earlier.” 

“Our team has extensive experience in the flexible commercial property sector, and we’re excited to make Workspace’s sites in the capital more efficient, more sustainable, and more enjoyable for tenants and occupants.

“Workspace is a pioneer and its sector and we’re excited to introduce our pioneering technology and approach to their sites.

“Once our IoT sensors are installed in Workspace lifts, we’ll be able to give site managers access to high-quality real-time data not previously available to them, letting them know if there is deterioration of critical equipment and reacting quickly to resolve any issues that might arise.

Andrew Watts, Head of Facilities Management at Workspace said: 

We’re excited at the prospect of working with WeMaintain and how their use of technology can enhance our service delivery across our portfolio.  In addition to improving day-to-day reliability, we’re also keen to see how data can assist in meeting our carbon emission targets through condition-based maintenance and reducing energy consumption.

WeMaintain won the contract with Workspace following a tender process that started in December and concluded in February, and signals WeMaintain’s increased activity in London and the UK.