NHS England NHS Improvement found that the impact of the pandemic necessitated a new approach to the workplace, with options to support individual preferences. Southernsbroadstock worked closely alongside the NHS England NHS Improvement team to deliver Digital Workspaces for its Quarry House location.

Adaptable & versatile interiors
The concept of Digital Workspaces was created by NHS England NHS Improvement and Innovation to champion its four Cs: Concentration, Contemplation, Connection and Collaboration.
Using these principles, Southernsbroadstock worked with the client to design interiors that offered a mix of these spaces. The aim was to provide staff with a range of environments to reflect the type of task being undertaken, or their preferred ways of working.

Considered design
The challenge was to ensure that the spaces met the brief set by NHS England NHS Improvement whilst also making sure that it would benefit staff overall. Southernsbroadstock worked closely with NHS England NHS improvement, ensuring the client was completely informed at every stage of the process.
This approach gave valuable insight into the needs of the Quarry House team and allowed Southernsbroadstock to amend and refine the design accordingly. Furnishings were chosen in muted blue tones to match NHS branding, with a variety of areas to facilitate quiet work, close communication or larger discussions. This included our Arc Booth, with added canopy, table and power outlet to create a space for concentration.

Promoting accessibility
There was also a big emphasis on accessibility so a variety of height adjustable desking and meeting tables were added into the design, as well as wheelchair accessible pods which provide step-free areas for meetings and teamwork.
Height adjustable desking will help NHS England to increase staff wellbeing by allowing them to change to a more comfortable position. As an added benefit, it also helps to futureproof the work environment by ensuring desking can be adjusted to suit any person. So, no matter what their stature, new staff will always be supported by furniture that can adapt.

The result
Southernsbroadstockā€™s ability to mobilise quickly and at short notice made it stand out as a solutions provider. Though the conditions created by the pandemic proved to be challenging, the team successfully delivered the project to the requirements set out by the client. The staff at Quarry House will now be able to make use of a modern and uplifting work environment that offers a space to suit everyone.