RSK Group is delighted to announce a new multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH), in what will be an excellent opportunity to contribute further to the greening of the NHS.

This support will involve an annual financial donation and strategic pro bono work for the CSH, a registered charity renowned for developing knowledge and resources to support the NHS and other health systems to reach net zero and wider sustainability goals.

The charity is one of the world’s foremost institutions for sustainable healthcare in research and practice, and since it was founded in 2008, it has worked to reduce healthcare’s resource footprint through a number of programmes that are guided by the principles of sustainable clinical practice. CSH’s Green Space for Health programme engages healthcare professionals, patients and the wider community to understand the connections between health and the environment, in particular through its flagship NHS Forest project, which sees healthcare sites expand and enhance green space on or near their land.

Its sponsorship by RSK, a leadingintegrated environmental, engineering and technical services business, is a wonderful opportunity to leverage RSK’s expertise and experience, particularly around nature-based solutions, to provide advice and consultancy to guide and support the centre’s strategic work.

In recent years, RSK has worked on a number of healthcare projects across the UK, from planning, design and construction to post-construction, and has been involved in several flagship projects, including completing environmental, ecological and archaeological surveys to secure planning permission for the North Manchester General Hospital redevelopment.

The values of both RSK and CSH are aligned: working with and supporting the NHS to improve sustainability and achieve its net-zero targets, and we envisage this exciting new partnership evolving over the course of many years.

RSK employees will also support the centre’s projects through a volunteering programme.

Alan Ryder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RSK, said, “I am very pleased to have the opportunity to support the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Nature and the environment have important roles to play in healthcare and we are working hard in this space to help bring better outcomes to patients. Through this partnership, I hope that the CSH can deliver more of its important work and utilise our experts to optimise its strategic objectives.”

Carey Newson, Director of CSH’s Green Space for Health programme, added, “We are delighted to have received support from RSK for our Green Space for Health programme. This will contribute to growing the NHS Forest by planting trees on or near NHS land and supporting our Nature Recovery Ranger project. We are excited about the pro-bono consultancy that RSK will be providing, and will be looking to make the most of this opportunity to help NHS healthcare sites in improving the social and ecological value of their green space for the benefit of patients, staff and local residents.”